My Story

A Greyhound Changed Me

My Story

In summer of 2010 I had split with a girlfriend of five years and was a little lost. Once came fall I needed a change a friend recommend a dog. I was like whatever, well one thing led to another and different friend recommended a greyhound. Come to find out she was way smarter than me, and knew exactly what I needed.

Indy found me something about his eyes pulled me in. He fell asleep on my shoe at the foster homes house. I adopted him and my life changes. The new adventure began he was a little clinging at first then he found himself. A crate did not last long, but blocked in one room worked he liked to look out windows and later found out laying on my bed.

We clicked right off lots of walking to create a bond and test each other’s limits. For a long time, Indy woke very grumpy or ready to attack; we worked on it and he became much better. Once he started sleeping in bed with me his choice we learned to adjust and correct this behavior.

Indy only liked other greyhounds I dealt with that over the years he never hurt any other breed of dog he did hurt a few other greyhounds a few by accident and one that did not smell right. You just learn how to control your dog and read them this issue is not that big of a deal.

For a few years, we fostered politics of rescue groups got to us and we moved on. When we adopted Indy, we started making him toys and about this time we started Broken Bone Pet Products to make them available to everyone. He tore up all the commercial toys and few of the ones we made which helped us perfect designs.

In the fall of 2016 we, where out walking with friends a 3 miler nothing for Indy at almost 10 years old. He tripped anyone who knows greyhounds they trip and sometimes drag their back feet occasionally, well this was this front leg. The following week it got worse we went to the vet expecting the worse.

First appointment x-rays showed nothing. 10 days later it got worse and second appointment the x-ray showed the worse bone cancer right in his shoulder. Sometimes I love my vet binging a good friend of mine other times it sucks. Also, a tech is a good friend of mine. Good friends are there for you in the tough times they, where that day. We did not know how long we had, but out plan was just pain management. To see what happens.

The end of October we got to go the last Farmers Markets of the season, Indy is a fighter he hobbled around. He loved the people and when we got home he was exhausted. That next few days where rough I hoped he just over exerted himself, but I knew. We went to bed later that week and he was up & down all night he could not get to sleep. If you know greyhounds they always sleep. The pain was bad that morning I decided it was time my Vet and Vet Tech friend where off but came in to be there.

I did not realize how many lives Indy touched the Saturday after Thanksgiving many meet up, and almost did almost the same walk as a memorial.

A greyhound changed me and inspired a business to make & sell quality pet products.


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